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IoT 3399E HDMI IN Product Features ◆ The RK3399 super CPU runs Android 7.1 system, which is faster and performs better. ◆ Support 5G and 2.4GWIFI, independent dual antenna. Inquire Now
Pcb Android Dual Sim Nic Mini Pc 3288E Board
Pcb Android Dual Sim Nic Mini Pc 3288E Board Product Features ◆ 3.5 inch standard ultrathin board type, Specially designed for self-service terminals,board carries LVDS/HDMI OUT/EDP/HDMI IN etc multiple interfaces. ◆ Support double ethernet port,built in PCI-E 3G module, support HUAWEI, ZTE,LSAN and other PCI-E 3G/4G modules, support internet data and call. Inquire Now
IoT 3288A
IoT 3288A Features ◆ High integration, Integrated LVDS/eDP/Ethernet/HDMI/WIFI/ Bluetooth in one, simplified machine design , remarkable. ◆ Built in PCI-E 3G module, support HUAWEI, LSAN and other PCI-E 3G/4G modules, support internet data and call. Inquire Now
IoT 64A
IoT 64A 1.1 Features ◆ Ultra-thin and ultra-small, the smallest motherboard in the current series, mobile phone size only. ◆ The 4 core 64 bit CPU carries the android 6.0 system, which is the most cost-effective quad-core board card at present. Inquire Now
DS831 Features 1.High Integration. Integrate USB/LVDS/Ethernet/HDMI/WIFI/bluetooth in one,simplifying whole player design.TF card can be inserted. 2.Ample Extensible Interfaces. Four USB ports(two pin ports,two standard USB ports),three extensible serial ports(2 channels of 232 serial ports,1 channel TTL serial port or 1 channel 232 serial ports,2 channels of TTL serial ports),GPIO/ADC port,able to satisfy various peripherals in the market. Inquire Now
DS830 1.Ultra-thin motherboard, thickness can be controlled to 9mm, suitable for all kinds of fine ultra-thin equipment. 2.Support remote, SD card / TF card, computer upgrade, etc. 3.SD card / TF card with screen parameters, that is, plug in then bright, perfect support  all sizes, all resolutions of lvds display. Inquire Now


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