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What Is An OPS Mini PC Computer?

Nov. 02, 2018

What is an OPS mini pc computer?

OPS, full name: Open Pluggable Specification, open pluggable specification. It is a standardized digital signage interface specification developed by Intel and display manufacturers. The internal component of OPS is an X86-based mini PC with Intel Core processor, memory, hard disk, multiple input and output interfaces, and Windows operation interface. The size is 200mm x 119mm x 30mm.

Digital signals that are easier to install, use, and maintain. Make digital signage devices smarter and more integrated. Overview The Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) facilitates the specification design and development of digital signage devices and insertion into media player terminals. Intel created OPS to differentiate the digital signage market and simplify the installation, use, maintenance and upgrade of equipment.

OPS enables digital signage manufacturers to deploy large numbers of interactive systems faster while reducing development and implementation costs. Installing an Intel-based digital signage device can help you implement a scalable digital signage application and easily connect to other devices. This simplifies the interaction and upgrades design to meet the digital signage needs of individual customers while facilitating future-oriented technology investments.

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