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The Scope Of Application Of All In One Touch PC

Oct. 26, 2018

The all in one touch pc is a perfect combination of a touch screen, a liquid crystal screen, an industrial pc unit (commonly known as a mainframe), and an all-in-one casing, and finally, a touch-operated machine can be realized through a power cord.

The scope of application of the Android all in one pc.

1. School, training, business, government, conference, home.

2. Public security monitoring, fire monitoring, traffic control room, security monitoring, aviation command and military command.

3. Post, airport, station, logistics, port, parking lot, automobile city, bus.

4. Hospital waiting room, TV station, public welfare institution, lottery inquiry, rural information interaction platform.

5. wholesale malls, large stores, supermarkets, shopping districts, office elevators advertising, advertising media.

6. museums, libraries, exhibition halls, demonstration halls, public places, cinemas, stage performances

7. hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, leisure clubs, karaoke halls, Internet cafes, entertainment venues.

All In One Touch PC


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