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What Technical Specs Does Digital Signage Player Have?

Nov. 06, 2018

What technical specs does digital signage player have? Media players vary in technical specifications depending on cost. Most players could be grouped into three performance buckets:

Low: high-end players are generally ARM-based devices in the form factor of a little box or'HDMI rod'. These devices usually run Android. Depending upon the vendor, the polish may vary drastically. Modern low-end players are capable of high definition movie playback.  

Medium: Moderate range digital signage video player may have high-end ARM SoC's that attribute 4-8 cores, or dual/quad center x86 chips, usually from Intel's Atom or Celeron ULV lines. These devices might run Android, Linux, ChromeOS or even Windows. This range of devices is typically the highest needed for the vast majority of digital signage use cases. Our very own Enplug devices fall into this bucket.

High: High-end players fall into two categories; either proprietary apparatus meant for use with business alternatives -- or high end X86 PC's which are placed in a'digital signage participant' form factor. The high end X86 computer category is generally overkill and gives no added benefit over a properly configured lower price solution.

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