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Smart Retail Exclusive Solution2

Jul. 15, 2019

Four---Peripheral ecological chain

1. High-quality peripheral support

For more than ten years, SMDT has debugged a large number of peripherals for customers and has accumulated rich experience in peripheral debugging. All peripherals can be plug-and-play, and customers only need to select peripherals and final assembly.

MIPS Smart Display Device

2. A wealth of peripheral resources

Depending on SMDT, the quality suppliers with stable quality and competitive price in the industry will be added to the peripheral ecosystem, including screens, touch screens, cameras, speakers, microphone arrays, wires, power boards, various adapter boards, PIN pads, 4G modules. In this way, customers can quickly develop quality products that are more stable, more cost-effective, and more feature-rich.

Five---Cloud platform

Depending on the SMDT MIPS Smart Display Device cloud management platform supports 10,000-level device access, supporting remote monitoring, setup, program release, data statistics, VIP management, software upgrades, troubleshooting, lifecycle management, and other functions.

1. Simple operation

WeChat scan code can be connected to the device, which can be upgraded remotely with one button. It can edit and publish programs directly through the browser, control and manage all terminals and obtain statistical data.

2. Out of the box

Support out of the box, no need to deploy the server program locally, users only need to register the MIPS account through the browser or WeChat applet to use.

3. Multi-level authority management

Support multi-level grouping mode, meet the organizational needs of complex operations management, have flexible data isolation mechanism, freely set the visible rules of core business data, accurate to the operation level of the button control.

4. Compatible with a variety of devices

MIPS cloud can support various display devices such as monitors, touch screens, splicing screens, video walls, and electronic water cards. It is suitable for advertising, event display, public announcement, publicity and guidance, public welfare films, emergency events, news broadcasts, etc.

MIPS Smart Display Device

5. Support mobile control

Supports management and control of devices through the mobile terminal, can view device information and running status, allocate traffic autonomously, and perform quick settings, including power on/off, screen rotation, volume, etc., and can also set precise promotion based on face recognition and VIP identification.

6. Support AI module

Support accurate advertising, real-time passenger flow, passenger flow trends in each period, resident market and other data for statistics, big data analysis, automatic generation of relevant reports, support for VIP membership identification and management.


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