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How To Achieve Smart Garbage Classification?

Jul. 17, 2019

Garbage classification is a good thing for the benefit of the country and the people, but many citizens are still not used to it. Do not know how to classify species, so they fall into the myth of "classification of living garbage".

So what can the business show in the face of this prolonged environmental defense war? Depending on SMDT, “Smart Garbage Collection Cabinet” will be an important boost:

First, through the intelligent garbage collection cabinet, more vivid garbage classification policy promotion can be completed through video, pictures and other forms.

Second, support touch screen query can provide garbage classification query service, the public guides the delivery according to the classification, avoid classification delivery errors.

Third, 7*24 hours of monitoring can achieve the unmanned, automated and intelligent waste sorting supervision to save human resources.

Fourth, the intelligent recycling cabinet supports equipment positioning, video surveillance, smart porting, intelligent weighing, identification, data transmission, overflow reminder, etc. It can also analyze the behavior of residents through big data and urban garbage and help management. The department better deploys and arranges work.


Through the introduction of smart waste sorting and recycling cabinets, the work burden of sanitation workers and urban management law enforcement personnel have been alleviated while facilitating the public, and this has become an important emerging market for the Smart Business Display Industry. Depending on the behind-the-scenes support role, SMDT provides a strong core hardware platform support for self-service terminals such as smart garbage sorting and recycling cabinets. The most popular industrial control box series flagship model--the AioTBox-3399I has low performance. Power consumption, an industrial design can effectively prevent dust, moisture, moisture, and interference, adapt to an outdoor working environment, ensure stable operation of equipment 7*24 hours. The rich interface can support the camera, touch screen, printer, infrared human body sensor, speaker, 4G module Mainly used peripherals in various industries such as various types of adapter boards, and can also support AI modules to realize face recognition or image recognition.

From the perspective of policy trends, waste sorting will be promoted to all parts of the country. This huge blue ocean market is worthy of industry. In terms of technology, using AI technology to help waste sorting will be an important development direction. SMDT can provide smarter garbage collection cabinet companies with more powerful AI hardware platforms and algorithms, helping partners to upgrade and develop AI smart garbage collection cabinets more easily, enabling domestic garbage image collection and recognition, so that citizens can be intelligent according to garbage categories and prompt to categorize the trash can. When the public dumps the garbage, it automatically recognizes it and finds an instant alarm when the error is placed. It uses technology to bring a smarter and more convenient life to the citizens.


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