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"Old Residential Community Transformation" Promote The Demand For Smart Elevator Advertising Machine

Aug. 19, 2019

Since the beginning of 2019, the policy of the old community has continued to improve. After the policy of speeding up the renovation of old urban communities was proposed through the State Council executive meeting in June, the attention of the old reforms of market has been significantly improved. At the just-concluded Politburo meeting, “the implementation of urban old residential areas was transformed" is officially listed as one of the most important short-board projects. According to the data of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the number of old communities in the country reached 170,000, involving 42 million residents and a construction area of 4 billion square meters. The estimated overall market size may exceed one trillion. If all the old districts are equipped with elevators, it will drive about 2.23 million elevators, and the new investment will exceed 2 trillion! And it means there will be the birth of a huge blue ocean market for Smart Elevator Advertising Machines!

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New business opportunities are now available, so how should elevator advertising machine manufacturers grasp the opportunities? As a professional Embedded Board Supplier, from Smart Device Technology’s points, the smart elevator advertising machine will occupy a dominant position in this round of competition. The smart elevator advertising machine combines the security monitoring function with the commercial advertising function, which realizes the safe operation of the elevator through remote monitoring of the elevator, and prevents the occurrence of elevator accidents. At the same time, the new media platform is used for public welfare and commercial advertising,which can gain reasonable investment and realize the combination of security, public welfare, and commercial operations. Therefore it will be beneficial to community residents, property, elevator advertising machine operators.

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What can Smart Device Technology offer for smart elevator partners?

Core Motherboard: IoT-3288F

The IoT-3288F is an ultra-thin plate designed with a plate thickness of only 1.6mm, which can help the elevator advertising machine to achieve ultra-thin and compact design. In terms of core processor, IoT-3288F adopts RK3288 Cortex-A17 quad-core processor that is equipped with Android 5.1.1 system and clocked at up to 1.8 GHz, using Mali-T764 GPU, supporting 4K, H.265 hard decoding, with the high performance and low power consumption, which ensure that the equipment is stable 24 hours a day. And this motherboard is the most competitive price in the RK3288 series motherboard, which can help elevator advertising machine manufacturers to control the cost while improving performance.

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Supporting Software: MIPS Smart Elevator

Depending on the BS architecture, the MIPS Elevator Internet of Things software of Smart Device Technology can support 10000+ elevator digital signage terminal access system for unified operation management. In terms of functions, it supports remote production, distribution, management and updating of programs at any time. It can also support visual intercom, one-button alarm and video, emergency lighting and other security rescues. It can also support accurate promotion based on face recognition and passenger flow statistics.

"Old Residential Community Transformation" Promote The Demand For Smart Elevator Advertising Machine

Face Recognition Algorithm: MIPS AI Business SDK

This module provides a basic module for the android application, which is suitable for application scenarios such as face recognition based on passenger flow statistics, precision promotion, VIP recognition, and powder sucking games. The purpose is to read the camera image and detect the face in the picture. Identify the age, gender, mood and other characteristics of the face.

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Depending on the cooperation mode of the whole elevator solution of Smart Device Technology, it can provide platform-level product solution support from hardware to software for elevator advertising machine manufacturers. Professional hardware platform, perfect surrounding ecology and strong technical support to help partners to finish research and development and production of products rapidly to establish a competitive advantage.

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