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With The New Growth Points, The Smart Commercial Display Industry Has A Brighter Future

May. 07, 2019

According to statistics from AVC Revo, in 2018, the scale of business display in mainland China reached 74.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.2%. The commercialization of technologies such as 5G in the future, the outbreak of new retail markets and government investment in new infrastructure. In strength, AVC Revo expects that the market will continue to grow at a rate of 25.5% in the next three years. In 2020, the market size will exceed 100 billion yuan.

1. 5G commercialization injects new vitality into the commercial display industry.

As an important application field where 5G took the lead, the ultra-high-definition industry represented by 4K has become the breakthrough direction of the centralized layout of the industrial chain. In 2019, 5G licenses will be issued, and commercialization will be gradually started. According to the requirements of the Ultra HD Industry Development Action Plan, the commercialization of 5G will make great progress by 2020, which will provide a rare future for commercial display. The important opportunity points encountered, 5G's ultra-low latency, low power consumption, and other features will greatly promote the development of outdoor medical equipment and other commercial display equipment.

2. Vendors embrace new display technologies to meet new opportunities for business development.

At present, major manufacturers are researching new technologies, such as OLED, QLED, Micro LED, laser, etc., and new products have begun to appear, such as Samsung's ultra-high-end cinemas decorated in Shanghai and Beijing, Yuantai shelf sign, BOE Medical display, Samsung QLED digital signage display, etc.

3. New retail has become a new outlet for commercial display

With the integration of unmanned supermarkets, unmanned convenience stores, and online and offline retail markets, the demand for smart business will be upgraded in both quantity and quality, and Shangxian products are widely used in the industry, with the help of intelligent products. It can instantly release the latest information on shopping guides, products, events, and promotions. Rich display functions and vivid colors can effectively enhance the consumer's shopping experience. At the same time, it can collect and label the interactive information of users, and use big data technology to analyze the information to improve the efficiency of production, logistics, sales and after-sales service in the retail industry. At present, commercial display applications based on big data and artificial intelligence, such as human-computer interaction, speech recognition, face recognition, and dynamic capture, have begun to be applied to various new retail scenarios.

4. Policy orientation determines development prospects, technology leads to product shape change

Commercial TV accelerates into the era of large-screen, and the size upgrade trend is obvious. In addition, with the release of IPTV, commercial TV application scenarios are becoming more diverse. With the guidance of policies, the penetration rate of LCD educational whiteboards in China's educational whiteboard devices continues to increase. Large-size, touch and fully-adapted capacitive screens are the trends; the development of artificial intelligence technology and the rigid demand for efficient office make the conference tablet and conference whiteboard grow significantly; in 2018, the competition of the ladder giants triggered the explosion of the advertising machine market, the future will move toward a small and multi-development route, small-size advertising machines will increase shipments; large-screen splicing from the original special industry to the general industry, the current seam has a narrowing trend, LED small spacing becomes the future direction of large-screen splicing. The application scene continues to expand. With the maturity and perfection of laser Display Technology, various brands have launched laser projection products, and laser projections have gradually become alternative products from differentiated products. In the segmentation field, the demand in the home market has become the growth engine of the projection industry.

In the future, the market opportunities for smart business will become more and broader, and the application scenarios will become more diversified.


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