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Smart Class Solution Will Become A Standard For Smart Campus

May. 17, 2019

Education is the foundation of the country. 2017 is the first year of the reform of the new college entrance examination. By 2018, 19 provinces will start the college entrance examination reform. Under the new college entrance examination mode, students choose to walk in layers according to the subjects and grades they choose, and there is no fixed classroom. The shifting system has enabled students to teach in accordance with their aptitude and maximize the use of resources such as teachers and classrooms.

 Face Recognition

When the Shifting System will become the new normal of teaching management, the problems of traditional teaching management mode and teaching methods will be highlighted, and it is obviously unable to meet the requirements of new teaching. As a total solution provider of smart campus, SMDT, after paying attention to the changes in demand under the new situation, keeping up with the development pace of the national education policy, in-depth research on the actual needs of smart campuses and launching a smart class solution, effectively solved The intelligent management problem of “choosing classes”.

The smart class card is a bridge for information communication between the school and the students. The smart class card can display the class arrangement of the classroom and the information of the corresponding class teacher to prevent the students from taking the wrong class. At the same time, it can also display important information such as various notices and notices of the school, class activity notices, class promotion culture, class assignments, and value tables. In addition, students can self-check personal schedules and grades, and attendance check-ups by means of swiping and face recognition. Teachers do not need to name them, and they can directly grasp the students' shifts to class by the electronic board.

Depending on the launch of the SMDT Smart Class Solution, 

it has received a lot of attention from the industry and its powerful features are welcome. The smart spot card solution these feature highlights are the key to its stand out:

1. Capacitive touch positioning millisecond response

In the school environment, it is often necessary to face multi-person touch screen interaction, and the speed response is directly related to the end user experience. Depending on SMDT's smart card solution, capacitive touch is used to work with the human body current sensing, enabling 10-point touch with 99% accuracy and less than 3 milliseconds of response speed!

2. The ultra-clear vision three-layer protection is not glare

The solution uses the Mali-T764 GPU, which supports up to 3840x2160 4K, H.265 hard decoding, and LCD display and cropping screens for various LVDS/eDP interfaces. Light transmission reaches 98% high-definition tempered glass, avoiding glare-free glare layer, plus capacitive touch protection layer, three-layer protection makes children's horizons safer and more exciting.

Shifting System

3. Strong performance 7 * 24 hours stable operation

Depending on the core board of the SMDT Smart Banking Solution, the RK3288 Cortex-A17 quad-core processor from the domestic first-line chip brand, Ruixinwei, is equipped with Android5.1 system, clocked at up to 1.8 GHz, and the super performance allows users to enjoy 7*24 hours worry-free service.

4.  Face Recognition makes walking attendance more convenient

Abandoning the traditional manual point-of-sale method of time-consuming and low-accuracy attendance, depending on the Mattel Wisdom class solution, it supports the use of face recognition technology for attendance, recognition and comparison speed is fast, and there is basically no waiting during human verification. No need to cooperate, no need to contact, complete intelligent attendance, and automatically push students to attendance data to teachers and parents.

5. Remote management makes operation and maintenance easier

Support remote information release and management, set different playback content and playback time for each smart card, update the release content at any time, support remote system upgrade, and manage operation and maintenance more easily.

6. Android system customization to meet individual needs

Personalized teaching has become the main reform direction of each school. Depending on the platform, the smart card solution of Mattel supports the deep customization of the Android system and supports the development of the upper application APP according to the needs of each school.

The construction of a smart campus is in full swing, and the reform of the new college entrance examination has further promoted the intelligent transformation process of the campus. Depending on the smart card solution launched by SMDT, campus management is smarter and more user-friendly. This is not the end. As the company focuses on smart display and machine intelligence, it will continue to strive to give the equipment a stronger ability to serve the teachers and students and make the campus more intelligent.


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