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Signage Improve The Service Experience Of The Park

Mar. 19, 2019

According to official data in 2018, China's tourism industry's total annual revenue reached 5.97 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.5%. On the one hand, it attracts a large amount of capital to invest in the tourism industry. On the other hand, the service quality of some parks in China is still in urgent need of improvement. Many scenic spots still have tourism disruption, incomplete service functions, and low service quality. Due to the short-board of supporting services, the phenomenon of poor service experience is often seen by tourists. The damage caused to the reputation of the relevant scenic spots has seriously affected the passenger flow in the scenic spot and even affected the development of the local tourism industry.

Outdoor Terminal Display

With the increasingly fierce competition in the tourism market, it is imperative to upgrade the service experience. This has prompted the management departments of major parks in China to increase their investment in order to improve the tourist experience by improving the supporting facilities. In the process of upgrading the supporting facilities of the park scenic spot, the outdoor high-definition display terminal equipment such as Digital Signage Player, landscape commentary card and panoramic guide card with information dissemination and service interaction features has become the target of many park scenic spots.

Lcd Display Terminal Equipment Technology

The well-known outdoor commercial display industry solution application maker introduced that the current outdoor LCD Display Terminal Equipment Technology is very mature, and related equipment has been able to provide a variety of alternatives for tourists in various harsh environments. A humanized service that helps improve the sightseeing experience.

It is reported that the display terminal size of the park is 55-inch high-brightness display, the brightness is as high as 2000 cd/m2, and the image quality can be kept clear and sharp even under strong light. Considering that the park is located in the northern coastal area, the temperature difference between summer and winter is large. Therefore, the product adopts a dual cooling scheme combining a patented heat dissipation structure and high-quality intelligent temperature control fan. The lower limit of outdoor working environment temperature range can be as low as -40 °C. The upper limit can reach 55 °C. At the same time, the device also has strong waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof, anti-theft, anti-UV, anti-lightning and other protective properties, which can effectively ensure that the equipment can work normally in all kinds of harsh environments all year round.

In addition, many park management areas for outdoor advertising machine construction projects, many park management units will also fully consider the cultural customs of the area, the characteristics of the scenic spots and other factors, and use personalized outdoor display customization program to upgrade the supporting facilities of the scenic spot. On the one hand, it can better reflect the characteristics of the theme of the scenic spots under its jurisdiction; in addition, it can also adapt to local conditions, using electronic terminal signs, landscape interpretation cards, panoramic guide cards, and other Outdoor Terminal Display devices to provide visitors with important features, park routes, scenic weather forecasts, and even nearby business services.

In the peak of tourism, if the passenger traffic in some areas of the scenic spot is too dense, the management unit can also use the outdoor display terminals distributed in all corners of the scenic spot to guide tourists to the scenic spots with less pedestrian flow, which can greatly enhance the sightseeing of the scenic spot. It can reduce the workload of the staff of the park.



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