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Show You The Real Smart Device

May. 29, 2019

With the gradual maturity of IoT technology and artificial intelligence technology, machinery and equipment are moving further and further on the road of intelligence. The market has attracted a lot of speculators to spoil, and swayed through the city with an intelligent coat. Is it “smart” or “mental barrier”? As a Smart Self-service Terminal Solution Provider, we look forward to seeing how to extract that pseudo-intelligence.

1. Intelligent vending machine

Vending machines have been developed since Japan, Europe, and the United States in the 1970s and have undergone several iterative upgrades over the past few decades. The most advanced SMDT Smart vending machine solutions have even been equipped with face recognition technology. However, in the intelligent vending machine industry, there is also a lot of “weird things”. From what aspects can we judge whether a vending machine is a smart device?

1) Is it networked?

An important indicator of intelligent vending machines is networked operations, that is, the operating data of vending machines, including system status, system failures, material path failures, out-of-stock conditions, and sales data through the core board of the vending machine. The relevant APK is transmitted to the intelligent retail service platform, and the operator can grasp the information of the vending machine on any networked computer to realize the large-scale operation and network management of the vending machine.

2) Is there a smart marketing function?

The advertisements displayed on the advertising screen of the intelligent vending machine can realize remote program editing and publishing and can support the combined application of touch purchase, inquiry, and interaction. Through the Touch Screen Multimedia Display technology, the vending machine system can be connected with the background control system. As a result, the consumer can click on the screen to make the product selection and payment more quickly, and obtain a more fashionable and smooth shopping experience.

2. Smart POS

In recent years, smart POS has become the mainstream of the development of the POS industry. What kinds of POS machines are popping up, which are true intelligence? Which are pseudo-smart POS machines? We can identify them in three aspects:

1) Is there a marketing function?

An important feature of smart POS that distinguishes it from traditional POS is its marketing function. Taking Vision's intelligent POS solution as an example, it is possible to perform statistics and analysis on all business data, realize direct docking and invoicing after the sales link, intelligently calculate the most recommended invoicing management advice, and also identify the payment. At the same time, the members are identified, and the membership level is intelligently matched with customized services such as coupons or points. The smart POS supports mobile payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay, and electronic coupons issued by this software can be used to push electronic coupons after payment data precipitation, and to handle electronic membership cards to customers, thereby attracting customers to re-consume. If there is no marketing function, it proves that this is a pseudo-smart POS.

Touch Screen Multimedia Display

2) Is the transaction data stored locally or a third party?

For offline stores, in addition to payment and marketing, data on many consumer links such as take-out reservations, reservations, queuing, and orders are equally valuable. Then we have to look at the data is stored in a non-commercial third-party platform, intelligent POS machine can analyze the user data of these consumer links, if it can not be achieved, it proves that this POS is at best a tablet. Really "pseudo-intelligence."

The Internet of Things has promoted the development of the smart business display industry. More and more devices have been given intelligence, especially the application of artificial intelligence, which makes the commercial display equipment more useful. There are some "pseudo-intelligence" and "artificial mental retardation" flood the market. This is also the reason why the Internet of Things companies represented by SMDT must persevere to publicize the wisdom of business and machine intelligence.



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