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Teach You How To Get A One-button Alarm And Visual Intercom Settings For MIPS Smart Elevator

Jul. 05, 2019

Different from the ordinary elevator advertising machine on the market, SMDT's intelligent elevator solution combines the security monitoring function with the commercial advertising function, realize the safe operation of the elevator through remote monitoring of the elevator, supports one-button alarm and visual intercom. A number of safety rescue functions have effectively prevented the occurrence of elevator accidents and achieved a perfect combination of safety, public welfare, and commercial operations. Therefore, they have been well received by media operators, property companies and owners.

So how do one-click alarms and visual intercoms are implemented? Next, I will teach you how to get the one-button alarm and visual intercom settings of the MIPS Smart Elevator.

MIPS Smart Elevator

One-button alarm

1. What is a one-button alarm?

Support the one-button alarm function. When the elevator fails, the trapped person can contact the emergency rescue personnel by clicking the alarm button of the terminal device for the first time. When the terminal confirms the alarm, the preset alarm call will be automatically dialed in sequence, and When the phone is not connected, the information is automatically sent to the corresponding rescuer's mobile phone number to ensure the timely rescue of the trapped person.

2. One-button alarm background settings

The terminal one-button alarm physical button can set the key value of the terminal alarm through the background; the terminal one-button alarm IO interface button can perform IO port-related configuration through the background. The specific setting method is as follows:

Method 1:

Select the specified terminal in [Terminal List], click [More Actions] -> [Alarm Mode] in the upper right corner of the list:

Method 2:

In [Terminal Information], click [Terminal Name], enter the terminal details page, and click [Alarm Mode Settings]:

3. Alarm information and comfort video settings

When the terminal acknowledges the alarm, the system will automatically dial the alarm call set in the background; when the call is not connected, the alarm message set in the background will be sent to the other party; during the dialing process, the comforting video of the background setting will be played.


Setting method:

On the [Terminal Information] page, select one or more terminals, and click the upper right corner to enter the [Set Alarm Information] function page.

Visual intercom

1. What is a visual intercom?

Support video intercom function, rescue personnel can directly initiate video intercom through the digital signage terminal in the accident elevator; the screen will display the real-time picture of the video intercom between the two parts, and the terminal will also be played by the advertisement. The interface automatically switches to the video intercom screen and displays the real-time picture of both sides of the video intercom. At this point, the video call can be started.

2. Visual intercom background settings

Video intercom server deployment

Since the visual intercom requires a high bandwidth requirement for the width, it is recommended that the video intercom server be deployed separately. The MIPS background is installed by default to the Program Files directory under Windows, but the visual intercom background requires that the installation path cannot have spaces or Chinese, so the two backgrounds are installed and started separately.

1) Decompress red5-server-windows.rar Compressed package, red5-server directory path must not include Chinese, spaces.

2) After the decompression is completed, modify the configuration file and open it as text.

Red5-server/conf/red5.properties 3, red5.properties

Modify the configuration instructions:

1) Replace all the files in the file with the required server IP, including policy. host, http.host, rtmp.host, rtmps.host, rtmpt.host, ws.host, and JMX.rmi. Host. Cannot be set to, set the real IP of this machine.

2) http.port: http access port, the default is 5080

3) https.port: https access port, the default is 5443

4) Double-click [red5.bat] under red5-server to start the video intercom service.

Set the video intercom server address

Through the background [System Settings], enter the video intercom server address - click Save to complete the video intercom server address setting


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