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Commercial Display V1.0 Era - Open Digital Signage

Apr. 09, 2019

Before the motherboard solution with the ARM architecture as the core of the Android system did not enter the Commercial Display market, the commercial display market showed a clear polarization, and the civilian single board and the noble X86 were safe.

However, the market did not erupt in silence or died in silence. Fortunately, we ushered in an outbreak, and the one that led the outbreak was undoubtedly the industry rookie - Android commercial display motherboard. During this period, SMDT successively launched the 103C and 106GS boards with the A20 dual-core architecture as the core, and quickly occupied the market, becoming the benchmark for the Android motherboard industry in the same period.

The main features of the product during this period are:

Android Commercial Display Motherboard

1. Pay attention to the video playback experience. The focus of R&D is on the support of the board for the screen and the support for various audio and video format files.

2. The function is simple, cost-effective, more stable board is more popular.

3. The peripheral expansion of USB and the serial port is relatively small.

4. Support for complex applications is not high.

5. The system is mainly based on standard board shipments.


Many people say that the mature version of the Android version of the advertising software and its own simple and practical cost-effective features are the root cause of the rise of the Android commercial motherboard. In fact, the openness of the Android system environment is the willingness of many advertising software vendors. The root cause of its tailoring. The market has come to an era of open Digital Signage, and the standard of this era is the rise of Android commercial display motherboards.

If the single board is likened to "civilian" and X86 is like "noble", then it is not difficult to analyze the reason why the Android business board as a "working class" has sprung up.

1. Stand-alone board, as a representative of the old commercial display era, cannot be networked, and it is bound to the limitations of development. Today, when the intelligence has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the single board cannot meet the further demand of the market, and it seems to go further and further.

2. The X86, another nobleman of the old commercial display era, is more favored in the market of the large screen, outdoor and high complexity, such as engineering and splicing, because of its stable and reliable performance, but the harshness of windows for application environment development. It limits the possibility of application software arguing, which also limits the openness of the industry. On the other hand, the price is also a part of it.

3. As a sudden emergence of the Android Commercial Display Motherboard, not only meets the needs of networking but also with great system openness, can almost accept the app application of all software vendors, more functions are developed, for the era of intelligent business, the arrival also laid the foundation.



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