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New Mainboard AIoT-40X

Jun. 06, 2019

With the popularization of information technology, smart display terminals are widely used in many industries and fields such as banking, telecommunications, education, medical care, transportation, retail, etc., which also poses new challenges for core motherboards: Smart Display Terminals are often deployed in these scenarios. In the outdoor, the working environment is complex, and it is also required to face great temperature difference test in different regions, requiring the equipment to have extremely high reliability. Therefore, the smart display industry is increasingly demanding wide temperature and low power motherboards.

In order to meet the needs of the industry, the company has introduced the industrial-grade wide-temperature Motherboard Aiot-40X, which is extremely compact and equipped with high-performance but low-power CPU. It can work without a fan and supports -20-70°C wide temperature industrial. Temperature, reliability, and durability doubled to support stable operation in harsh environments.

1. Ultra-thin motherboard

The AIoT-40X features an ultra-thin design that optimizes the layout and controls the size to 120*75mm, making it suitable for a wide range of smart display devices with strong compatibility.

2. Industrial grade wide temperature

The AIoT-40X is an industrial-grade, wide-temperature motherboard that supports -20°C to 70°C, supports low-temperature startup, and works in high-temperature working environments with longer service life.

Motherboard Aiot-40x

3. Quad-core ultra-low power processing core

All-Chi A40i quad-core CPU, equipped with Android 7.1 system, Mali400 MP2 GPU, clocked up to 1.2GHz, performance 1.5 times higher than A20, super cost-effective.

4. High integration

Support audio and video output, network links, content storage, interface expansion and other functions in one.

5. High expansion

With 4 USB ports (2 pins, 2 standard USB ports), 2 expandable serial ports, GPIO/ADC interface, it can meet the requirements of various peripherals on the market.

6. HD output

Maximum support for HDMI and LVDS 1080P dot screen and decoding.

7. System customization

Personalized custom system functions, depending on the company's system call interface API reference code, perfect support for customer upper application APP development.

8. Free letter software

It can be equipped with free maps information distribution software for easy management.

The AIoT-40X motherboard is an innovative product developed by SMDT in-depth analysis of the smart display industry's continuous expansion of customer needs in more complex scenarios. This motherboard excels in performance, adapts to the industrial-grade harsh outdoor working environment, and is highly competitive in terms of price. We believe that the AioT-40X motherboard will serve many outdoor scenes and meet industry cooperation. Partners are demanding high quality, highly reliable core motherboards.


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