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The Correct Opening Method Of The Letter Box + Ops Computer + Industrial Control Box, There Is Always A Suitable For You

Apr. 28, 2019

Multimedia information release box

The multimedia information publishing box is small in size, commercially available and can be used at home. It has been favored by the market and has been selling well in the industry for many years. The newly launched Mbox-40A multimedia information publishing box adopts the latest A40i quad-core processor from All-Chi, equipped with Android 7.1 operating system, which has greatly improved the performance, and pre-installed 

MIPS Standard Digital Signage Software, allowing users to realize plug-and-play. It has become the most cost-effective multimedia information release box in the industry.

Typical application: multimedia information release

Mips Standard Digital Signage Software

OPS Android

Depending on the industry's first OPS for ARM+Android architecture, the company is based on the core-class processor RK3288 and RK3399, with higher cost performance, lower power consumption, more open systems and richer ecology. Among them, OPS-3399C has become the most representative high-performance dual-A architecture Android OPS computer in the industry.

Typical application: smart meeting scene

Mips Standard Digital Signage Software

Industrial control box

Based on the development trend of high-end outdoor intelligent display terminal category and quantity exponential growth in recent years, the industrial control box has become the first choice for the industry in terms of its dustproof, anti-vibration and anti-interference stability. Depending on the high-end smart display terminal, the company launched the RK3288 series and the RK3399 series industrial control box. The ultra-low power consumption and super performance are perfectly integrated, and it has a very high overall cost performance, which has been unanimously recognized by industry partners.

Based on RK3288 quad-core processor series industrial control box products

Typical applications: smart express cabinets | smart vending machines, etc.

Mips Standard Digital Signage Software

"Signal box + OPS computer + industrial control box" can fully meet the mission requirements of smart display terminals in various scenarios. In the future, it will further release the advantages of Meite, and create a more powerful hardware platform for the market, and a richer software and hardware integration with a quality plan.


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