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MIPS Face Recognition Software Build A New Engine For Retail Business Growth

Aug. 01, 2019

As new generations of consumers continue to improve their consumption concepts and spending power, the retail industry is welcoming the trend of business innovation, relying on the application of new technologies such as face recognition to optimize the shopping process and provide consumers with a richer sensory experience. To create an immersive shopping experience that greatly enhances the psychological premium of consumers in the shopping experience. As a professional Self-Service Order Machine Supplier, MIPS face recognition software of Smart Device Technology is an important driving force for building a new engine for retail business growth.

Depending on the new content of the old scene, our company has launched a kind of MIPS Management Software, that is MIPS face recognition software. Based on the functions of multimedia information release and terminal remote management, it has added accurate face-based recognition programs to achieve accurate marketing. As well as the number of face recognition statistics ads, we try to open the feedback loop; at the same time, we increase the VIP customer entry and identification, which can provide accurate consumer data reference, perfect member user management and interesting interactive marketing promotion for offline stores. So we can further improve the return on investment of the store.

System Components

Depending on the BS architecture, our MIPS face recognition signaling software can support 20000+ face recognition digital signage terminal access system for unified operation management.

MIPS Face Recognition Software Build A New Engine For Retail Business Growth


Standard Multimedia Information Release

MIPS Face Recognition Software Build A New Engine For Retail Business Growth

AI Function Module

1. Advertising is accurately placed.

This module supports the program to set accurate labels, including age, gender, and priority. When the camera recognizes the portrait features matched by the precise program label, it will switch directly to the precise program. If no other faces are recognized in the middle, the accuracy is played. After the show, you will be returned to the default program page.

MIPS Face Recognition Software Build A New Engine For Retail Business Growth

2. Passenger flow statistical analysis.

MIPS face recognition signaling software can support face detection and face tracking recognition of incoming customers:

①Real-time passenger flow statistics: statistics of real-time passenger flow information per hour, extracting facial feature values, and avoiding repeated counting.

②Passenger flow trend statistics: statistics of passenger flow trends can be queried in the most recent day, week, month, season, half year, one year, and three years, and it can be presented in a column or linear graph.

③Residency duration statistics: statistics on the distribution of the duration of a single passenger flow in the total passenger flow before and after the camera.

3.VIP management.

MIPS face recognition signaling software supports VIP client management. The merchant creates a VIP client in the background, imports the VIP client photo and edits related information, associates the corresponding terminal grouping, and sets a specified welcome word for the VIP client. When the terminal device recognizes the VIP, the welcome text and voice messages will be pushed to VIP customers.

Delivery Model

1. LAN Delivery

Build LAN by ourselves. The program is produced from the background and sent to the terminal through the LAN.

2. Public Network Delivery

If you purchase Huawei Cloud or other cloud servers, we will set up your own public network server for free, and the program will be delivered to the terminal by the WAN.

Typical Scene

MIPS face recognition software can be widely used in retail, including shopping malls, commercial streets, gold and silver jewelry stores, automobile 4S stores, cosmetics chain stores, brand clothing chain stores, food specialty stores, eyewear stores, drug counters, shoe bags etc,.

MIPS Face Recognition Software Build A New Engine For Retail Business Growth


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