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​Personalized Face Recognition Management Solutions Is A Good Solution For Equipment Manufacturers Really Need!

Oct. 12, 2019

In 2019, the “AI+Security” industry has entered the stage of rapid commercialization. AI technology has become an important driving force for the development of the security industry. The market breadth has been broadened. For the main products controlled by the entrance and exit are such as face recognition gates, access control, etc, its market is relatively large because of its rich scenes to be used, and the incremental space is very impressive, which attracts many access control equipment manufacturers to join the ranks of “AI+”. And its most efficient way is to choose solution supplier cooperation, one is to reduce its own research and development investing. The second is to complete the integration of the supply chain with the help of the Eco-resource of the solution providers. So why do a large number of access control equipment manufacturers regard the “face recognition management solution” of Smart Device Technology as the first choice?

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The key lies in the fact that Smart Device Technology's “Face Recognition Pass Management Solution” supports customers to be business-oriented, and adjusts the solution according to actual needs, truly achieving the most cost-effective cooperation on demand!

Demand 1: Lack of core motherboard

Solution Support: Professional gate board

Depending on Smart Device Technology's face recognition management device exclusive Android motherboard IoT-3288X, using gold particle crystallization technology. The high quality of IoT Mainboard has industrial quality, through a variety of pressure tests, which is stable and reliable and can support the gates for 7x24 hours long-term stable operation. Rockchip RK3288 Cortex-A17 quad-core processor, equipped with Android7.1 system, clocked up to 1.8 GHz, built-in quad-core Mali-450 GPU, with powerful graphics processing capabilities, support 4K, H.265 hard decoding.

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Rich interface, including 4 USB ports, 3 serial ports (2 ways 232 serial ports, 1 way 485 serial ports), GPIO/ADC interface, which can support the mainstream USB/serial devices in the industry. Integrated can drive the interface of constant current type fill light board, and Wiegand interface, support one output, one input, and support one external custom line interface, adopt 10x2 double row pin form, internal power input, Wei Root output, RJ45 and other functional interfaces. Support 10/100M adaptive Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, built-in PCI-E 4G module, support Huawei, Longshang and other PCI-E 3G/4G modules for Internet access and calls.

Demand 2: Lack of face recognition algorithm

Solution Support: The world's leading face recognition algorithm

Depending on Smart Device Technology's MIPS AI Human Rights SDK, it provides accurate and efficient face recognition technology support for face recognition access control. MIPS AI Human ID SDK supports monocular camera, binocular camera (RGB+IR, including live detection), which can realize face database search (1:N comparison) and face comparison (1:1 comparison). Accuracy rate is as high as 99.53%, offline millisecond-level face detection, extraction, and comparison, realizing the real feeling of the end user.

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Demand 3: Lack of professional software

Solution Support: MIPS smart communication management platform

The MIPS smart communication management platform supports remote unified management of devices. Users can set various parameters of the terminal device on the management platform, including unit name, voice mode, broadcast content, display mode, display content, stranger alarm, similarity, and recognition interval, living body recognition level, recognition distance, and so on. In terms of functions, MIPS smart communication management platform can support real-time monitoring of devices, remote opening, employee management, visitor management, blacklist monitoring and alarming.

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MIPS Smart Communication Management Platform Server

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MIPS Smart Managed Platform Client

Demand 4: Lack of supply chain support

Solution Support: Rich peripheral support

Depending on Smart Device Technology's quality suppliers with stable quality and competitive price, the company will provide partners with card readers, fingerpriants, monocular binocular cameras, ID card recognition, and QR code scanners. Mainstream peripheral support such as fill light and infrared sensor help manufacturers to expand face recognition, fingerprint, ID card, bill, IC card, QR code and other combinations. All peripherals can be plug and play. Customers only need to select peripherals and final assembly.

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Demand 5: Self-developed software lacks system support

Solution Support: Android system deep customization

Provide deep customization service for Android system. Depending on the system level, Smart Device Technology can adapt and package the required API interface to the upper layer call, which perfectly supports the client upper application APP development.

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Demand 6: Complete solution

Solution Support: Face recognition pass management module

To achieve the fastest speed product landing, customers can also directly choose Smart Device Technology's face recognition pass management module, including vertical and wall-mounted assembly modes, which can be directly used in the project.

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Depending on the full range of needs of equipment manufacturers, and supporting manufacturers to split the solution according to business needs, it is extremely flexible and highly integrated, and it has more for partners. High cost performance, so it has become one of the most popular programs in the industry.

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