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Can We Use A Computer Instead Of A All In One Touch Pc?

Apr. 18, 2019

With the continuous development of technology, the new technologies of Commercial Display Equipment combined with development are also constantly innovating and integrating. From the single-unit LCD advertising machine at the beginning to the wide variety of All In One Touch PC, it is now in all walks of life. Interactive touch applications have deeply influenced people's work and life.

All In One Touch Pc

The structure of the All In One Touch PC is very simple. It is a combination of a computer mainframe, a liquid crystal screen, and a touch screen. To put it more simply, the touch-tone machine is a commercial interactive display computer; then can we directly use a computer instead of a All In One Touch PC? The answer is no.

1. All In One Touch PC can work for a long time.

2. The heat dissipation and power supply system of the touch one machine are industrial grade and motherboard industrial grade control boards, which can adapt to wide temperature environment and harsh environment and can run normally under high load for a long time.

3. The profile frame is adopted, and the screen frame is made of tempered glass. The appearance structure has been specially designed; the overall appearance is beautiful, safe and reliable.

4. The size of the touch one machine can be large or small, according to specific needs can be selected, no matter how large the LCD screen is responsive, no delay, smooth touch, whether it is a finger or object touch, it can also achieve handwriting, painting.

5. The solution is a highlight of commercial display devices. The touch function of the All In One Touch PC makes it an interactive terminal in many public places. The powerful human-computer interaction makes the touch-tone machine have unlimited possibilities, bringing people conveniently.

At present, the use of touch-enabled machines has become a trend: it can be seen in many places such as banks, hotels, government offices, hospitals, exhibition halls, etc. And with the touch inquiry machine regardless of upgrade and improvement, its use ratio in various industries is growing year by year.



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