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Function Of All In One Touch PC

Nov. 15, 2018

The all in one touch PC is a perfect combination of a touch screen, a liquid crystal screen, an industrial pc unit (commonly known as a mainframe), and an all-in-one casing, and finally, an all in one touch PC can be realized through a power cord. Let's take a look at its function.

1. TV function: ALL-FHD system full HD solution, support 1920 * 1080, 32-bit true color full HD display

2. Computer function: It can be online 5, 10, 20, 30 meters, you can also use wireless keyboard and mouse, wireless Internet access

3. Touch function

4. karaoke function: With KTV singing function, that is, point to sing, entertainment is convenient.

5. Video game function: It can be a video game, directly by the touch screen instead of mouse operation Warcraft, Google Earth, w7 games and other touch games. You can also access the handle, steering wheel, joystick, and dance mat for video games.

6. Conference function: It can do conference speech, planning solution explanation, remote video conference, electronic document plug and play, no need for projectors, projection screens, computers, slideshow, DVD players and other redundant equipment.

7. Environmental whiteboard function: You can just write, casually draw, no pen wipe, and environmental protection. It can be written by hand with a pen, can be deleted casually, and can also be stored and recorded.

8. Projector function: "touch the horizon" large screen can replace the projector, play large screen display file, and the image is more clear.

9. Guide purchase function: It has the functions of shopping guide and guide, giving customers guidance, facilitating customers to find the products they need, and with additional functions such as advertising.

10. Electronic inquiry function: Through the operator's input and editing of various electronic files and information, customers can self-check the required information and reduce the personnel cost of the inquiry.

11. Video monitoring function: It can adjust the live video of each area and analyze the data in the security monitoring of the monitoring area.

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All In One Touch PC


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