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What Is The Difference Between Static Face Recognition And Dynamic Face Recognition?

Feb. 26, 2019

Face Recognition technology is believed to be familiar to everyone. This biometric technology based on human facial feature information has been applied in many fields, such as the precise promotion of smart retail, face payment and comparison of people and paperwork. As a new and fast-developing technology, many people do not have a clear understanding of this technology. For example, how many types of face recognition are available; how far face recognition has developed; what types of face recognition are used in practical applications, and so on. Next, we will introduce the difference between static face recognition and dynamic face recognition.

What is static Face Recognition?

Cooperative face recognition, also can be called as static face recognition, means that people identify within a specific area or range, which means that the requirements for angle, distance and position will be higher. The feature of static face recognition is that the user's capacity is small, which is suitable for the use of attendance in some small companies. Because it is static, the price is relatively cheap. The graphics recognition rate is higher, reaching more than 95%. Generally applicable to scenes such as face attendance, face access control, face recognition gate, and human identity verification.

What is dynamic face recognition?

Fully non-inductive face recognition, also can be called as dynamic face recognition means face recognition with no limit, as long as it appears within the camera's view, it can be automatically recognized no matter where it is. That is to say, people walk in the natural form, the camera will capture and collect information, issue corresponding instructions, and perform dynamic face recognition. Face recognition technology has fast recognition speed, high dynamic recognition accuracy and large user capacity. Generally applicable to scenes such as face control and personnel warning.

After 40 years of development, face recognition has reached a certain level of maturity in technology. Compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition has unique technical advantages in terms of practicality. Whether it is dynamic face recognition or static face recognition, we can not ignore its role. Today, face recognition systems are widely used in schools, construction sites, communities, airports, banks, security, hotels, subways and other important industries and fields.

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