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Face Recognition Access Control Is Being Further Refined

Jun. 14, 2019

Driven by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, new business opportunities in the access control market are being continually being explored. Unsense is accelerating due to its high precision and user experience advantages. It is already in public transportation and campus, office, community, attractions and many other fields have been widely used. From the consumer level to the enterprise level to the industry level, the Face Recognition access control is being further refined. The following will take the example of the face recognition access control solution of SMDT as an example to detail the mainstream solutions in the industry:

Consumer level

Consumer-grade face recognition access control products are mainly used in homes, stores, and small and medium-sized enterprises. The product form is facing recognition attendance machine and face recognition gate. The face database is usually less than 1000 people, which belongs to the strong matching type recognition mode. The user cooperates, the angle is required, the angle between the face and the device is within 15 degrees, and the full face state is required, the recognition distance is within 0.5 meters, and the face detection time is 1~2 seconds. Face recognition accuracy is high.

Enterprise level

Enterprise-level face recognition access control products are mainly used in larger enterprises, campuses, communities, administrative units, etc. It is currently the fastest growing market segment in the industry, and its product form is mainly facing recognition gates, face library capacity. Usually, within 10,000 people, it is a semi-coupling recognition mode, the recognition distance is between 0.5m and 1.5m, it is more adaptable to the angle and can support the angle within 30 degrees. The face recognition accuracy is higher, face detection the response time of the comparison is usually less than 1 second. Depending on the resolution of the face recognition gate of SMDT, it is possible to realize the state of non-sense of the door to the door.

Industry level

Industry-level face recognition access control products are widely used in public transportation, industrial parks, large-scale performances, exhibitions, and other scenes. The product form is mainly facing recognition gates. The size of the face database can reach 10,000~100,000 people, supporting natural passage. Coordination, the recognition distance can be about 1~3 meters, the face angle is within 45°, the face detection comparison time can be controlled within 0.5 seconds, and the adaptability to various light environments such as indoor and outdoor can be done. It is also an area where the SMDT face recognition access control solution is extremely advantageous, with no sense of contact and face analysis.

Face Recognition

In the face recognition access control industry, SMDT has already possessed the industry-leading advantage with its excellent products and technologies and can provide technical support for the gate manufacturer including core artificial intelligence motherboard, gate software and face recognition algorithm. From the end to the full coverage of the cloud, through the package of the overall solution model, partners can achieve the speed of product production and landing.

Hardware aspect:

In terms of hardware, the company has customized the IoT-3288U artificial intelligence motherboard for the needs of face recognition gates. The motherboard is extremely compact, measuring only 100mm*70mm, and the thinnest can be 10mm, which can be adapted to the gate head. The small space requirement, using the Rockchip RK3288 Cortex-A17 quad-core processor, is the highest performance processor in the Cortex-A series. With the introduction of the coherent bus AMBA4 ACE, the memory controller can be connected more quickly. Performance and energy efficiency, equipped with Android7.1 operating system, reducing the consumption of memory resources, application installation and opening faster, can ensure the stability and smooth running of face recognition gate equipment.

MIPS Face Recognition Gate Software

Software aspect:

Depending on the BS architecture, the SMDT MIPS Face Recognition Gate Software is based on the BS architecture and supports more than 20,000+ face recognition gate access systems for unified operation management. It is very powerful in function and supports concentration. Remotely manage terminal equipment, automatically generate traffic records, attendance records, etc., support attendance management, support VIP and blacklist management, and alert and alert VIPs and blacklists based on face recognition technology. And MIPS face recognition gate software can also support face acquisition, face registration, database comparison, linkage access control and other functions in a single device.

Undoubtedly, in the era of “Security + AIoT”, as a new smart industry, the face recognition access control system will have a stronger growth momentum. According to Qianzhan.com, the market size of the access control system is expected to reach 29.4 billion yuan by 2023. As a result, Mattel will continue to seek innovation and breakthrough in this field, step by step, and join hands with the gate partners to develop new territories.


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