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Brush Face Attendance Landing Campus

Jul. 03, 2019

Since the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Safety Risk Prevention and Control System for Primary and Secondary Schools" in 2017, the campus safety construction has been highly valued throughout the country. How to use the new technology to meet the safety management needs of their own parks, through the assessment of the Ministry of Education, has become one of the key issues in the construction and development of smart campuses. It is in this context that access control management based on face recognition technology has gradually introduced large-scale smart campuses in the past two years.

Brush Face Attendance Landing Campus

Face Recognition Technology protects the safety of the campus, which not only improves the efficiency of the school but also brings convenience to parents. Parents only need to face the face recognition attendance terminal when they enter the school, and they can complete the entrance check-in 1 second, effectively avoiding the safety hazards of the child being taken. If the parents are unable to pick up the child in person for any reason, they can also use the mobile phone to designate other relatives to pick up and drop off and transfer the photo of the designated person to the face recognition attendance terminal to make the campus management more flexible and more user-friendly.

In addition to the rigid demand, technological advancement is undoubtedly the more important driving force for face recognition and campus security management. Depending on the hardware and software integration system-level solution mode of “Artificial Intelligence Motherboard/Box Integrated AI SDK Algorithm”, SMDT has the stability and fluency of face recognition attendance terminal equipment, as well as the accuracy and recognition speed of face recognition. Achieving dual optimization has become an important boost for face recognition and attendance to gain wider recognition and acceptance from society and to land on campus.

1. More powerful artificial intelligence hardware platform

Depending on SMDT's high computing performance RK3288 series and RK3399 series artificial intelligence hardware platform, it provides strong hardware support for the face recognition technology.

Take the current industry-leading ultra-mini artificial intelligence motherboard IoT-3288U as an example, smaller than the mobile phone, using the Rockchip RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A17 processor, the main frequency up to 1.8GHz. The Mali-T764 GPU provides powerful graphics acceleration and video encoding and decoding capabilities and supports up to 4K 3840x2160 decoding and EDP 4K 3840x2160 dot screen. The high-performance core motherboard will provide a strong guarantee for the stable and smooth operation of the face recognition attendance terminal.

Face Recognition Technology

2. The more accurate and efficient face recognition algorithm

Depending on Mattel's face recognition attendance solution, it is equipped with the world's leading face detection and recognition algorithm model. Given face samples, it can retrieve large-scale face database or surveillance video in milliseconds to give identity authentication. Face verification technology can be used. It achieves the world's leading accuracy of 99.53%. When 96% of the faces are certified, the false detection rate is less than one in 100,000. Based on the living body detection technology, the living body detection method can be completed within 1~2 seconds through the deep learning living body detection algorithm, which can effectively resist the deception of photos and videos, and achieve a truly accurate and secure intelligent identity verification.

Depending on the difference in the scene, SMDT can provide face recognition full stack solutions, including monocular face recognition, binocular face recognition, and 3D structured light, etc., to support partners to target products in a more targeted manner. Development.

AI SDK Algorithm

As the first line of defense to protect campus security, campus access management is upgrading from past manual management and card management to AI intelligent management mode. Face recognition technology has arrived in the era of large-scale application of smart campus. Technology makes the campus environment more secure. As a result, Mattel will work with partners to integrate advanced technologies such as face recognition technology, Internet of Things technology and mobile internet to help more campuses realize intelligent management, giving parents peace of mind and giving the school peace of mind.


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