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Support 4K display solution to create a new ecosystem of smart display and drive screen solutions

Jan. 29, 2019

In recent years, the video display technology represented by ultra high definition has developed rapidly, and has become an important engine to promote the development of information technology industry and society. The 4K ultra high definition terminal products are rapidly popularized. 4K stands for better clarity and richer details, allowing viewers to have an immersive experience. For the smart display industry, a new round of upgrades has arrived.

In response to the demand for intelligent display device 4K ultra-high definition upgrade, our company is the first to introduce HDMI to VBY1 adapter board HDMI2VBY1-sub, which supports the conversion of HDMI signals into VBY1 signals. Through this adapter board, the commercial display motherboard that does not support 4K dot screen can be realized, realizing a true 4K dot screen, and creating a new ecology of the smart display driving screen solution.

All motherboards with HDMI signals can be connected to this HDMI2VBY1-sub adapter board. The HDMI output of the Motherboard Card can be connected to the HDMI IN interface of the adapter board through the HDMI cable (male to male).

In addition to the entertainment functions, the 4K ultra-high-definition large-screen application scene has a wide application space in smart conferences, smart medical care, smart education, smart security, and smart retail.

Smart Device Technology is Chinese largest commercial Display Company and leading platform of providing technology solutions for hardware, software and applications, and service provider of aftermarket support.

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