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​Mbox-40 Quad-core Cloud Information Release Box Can Act As An Advertising Machine

Aug. 23, 2019

If we have idle TVs and monitors, do they can be used as advertising machines? Of course! As a professional Industrial Mini Computer Box Supplier, Smart Device Technology has pushed the new generation of cloud information publishing box Mbox-40A, which is based on the Allwinner A40i quad-core platform, the performance has been greatly improved. It is equipped with Android7.1 operating system, and it can be matched with TVs and various displays to use. Not only it can become a home smart TV, but also can change the advertising machine in 1 second. As a kind of Digital Signage Player, this small body has the big energy!

Sleek Minimalist Design

The Mbox-40A cloud information publishing box is designed to be small and light, and its size is only 138*98*25mm. The weight of the Mbox-40A is less than 1Kg. It can be dust-proof, shockproof and anti-jamming. It can be used on the table.

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More Cost-effective Core Configuration

Adopting the Allwinner A40i quad-core CPU, the main frequency is up to 1.2GHz, the performance is 1.5 times higher than the A20, and the cost performance is higher. The GPU adopts Mali400 MP2, which supports most of the current popular video and image format decoding. It is equipped with Android 7.1 system and can support more mainstream Android applications.

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Support HD Display Output

The Mbox-40A supports HDMI 1080P HD output for a more complete viewing experience.

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It Can Be Used For Family And Commercial Use

TV + box = smart advertising machine (commercial). Mbox-40A can interface with TV, LED screen, splicing screen through HDMI interface, which can realize multimedia information release and can be widely used in government and enterprise services, bank finance, medical and health, hotel, airport conditions, commercial chain, communications, education and training, intelligent buildings, advertising operations and many other industries and places.

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TV + box = Android smart TV (home). Mbox-40A can also be used for home, which can make the TV to achieve web browsing, video movie viewing, chat office games, etc,. With the Android system, it enables ordinary TV to achieve intelligent improvement, hundreds of thousands of the Android market's applications, games and other content can be installed at will, and enjoy the vast resources of the entire network.

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Support WIFI, Bluetooth And Ethernet

The Mbox-40A cloud information distribution box supports AP6181 (WIFI), AP6236 (WIFI+BT), and 1-way 100M Ethernet.

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Support Horizontal And Vertical Screen Playback, Boot Automatic Playback

Mbox-40A can support the horizontal and vertical display of advertisement screens, TV sets, display screens, etc., and it can adapt to the needs of various playback scenarios.

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Support Multiple Display Devices

The Mbox-40A cloud information distribution box can be combined with a variety of display devices, it just need to have HDMI interface.

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Seamless Docking Information Distribution Software

It can support mainstream information publishing software such as MIPS information publishing software, which can realize remote publishing of advertisements, and support video, picture, audio, web page, document, weather, time, mixed broadcast, live stream, HDMI IN, APK and other program elements, also support interactive programs edit.

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At the same time, the device can be remotely managed based on the MIPS information release software, including remote switch, volume adjustment, playback rotation setting, horizontal and vertical screen setting, brightness setting, backlight setting, status bar setting, remote client upgrade etc,.

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Support Cloud Management

Mbox-40A can support access to the MIPS cloud platform (click to understand the cloud platform), implement cloud management, remotely manage terminal devices through the MIPS cloud platform. It can also support program editing and publishing on the cloud platform and support custom playback modes and schedules. What’s more, it can statistical material and program playback data automatically. It can support for passenger flow statistics and VIP management based on face recognition. The device can also be controlled by the mobile terminal, and the WeChat applet can be touched and used immediately, and the real-time dynamics of the device can be firmly grasped.

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Mbox-40A cloud information publishing box supports one-stop joint screen management, easy conversion, use idle equipment to maximize revenue. If you need more product details and business negotiations about Digital Signage Solution, please contact Smart Device Technology's sales engineer.


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