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IoT-40A + MIPS Digital Signage Information

Mar. 13, 2019

With a series of the smart economy such as smart city, smart education, smart community and smart retailing being over-promoted by the pilot, the Digital Signage Industry has entered a new round of rapid growth. According to IDC data, the digital signage market has grown steadily in recent years, 2018 The total domestic commercial display is expected to reach about 75 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40%. In the next three years, the compound growth rate of smart business will remain at around 30%.

Digital Signage Industry

In the context of a good market situation, competition in the digital signage industry has become increasingly fierce, and performance improvement and more powerful cost control have become the key to competition. In response to this market demand, SDMT has launched the most cost-effective digital signage motherboard solution in the industry. It is based on the A40i quad-core high-performance processor and is equipped with MIPS Digital Signage information publishing software. At the same time, the performance of digital signage has been greatly improved, as it is the best choice for digital signage companies.


First, the hardware performance is greatly upgraded.

The IoT-40A is a classic board that is perfectly compatible with the IoT-20A and DS831, minimizing the cost and difficulty of upgrading users. In terms of performance, the IoT-40A adopts the All-Chi A40i quad-core CPU, which is 1.5 times higher than the A20. It is equipped with the Android 7.1 system, which greatly reduces the consumption of memory resources. The application installation and opening speed are faster, and the number is greatly optimized. Signage experience, using Mali400 MP2 GPU, maximum support for HDMI and LVDS 1080P dot screen and decoding. The IoT-40A interface is rich, including five USB ports (two USB HOSTs, three USB sockets), four expandable serial ports, and GPIO/ADC interfaces to meet the requirements of various peripherals on the market.

Mips Digital Signage

Second, equipped with MIPS digital signage information release software.

IoT-40A motherboard is equipped with Vision Micro MIPS digital signage information publishing software, using B / S architecture, distributed area management technology. It can effectively integrate various multimedia resources. Information release is fast and secure, making terminal management easy and convenient, greatly reducing the system to maintain the difficulty and cost of upgrading. And MIPS digital signage information publishing software is very powerful, supporting video, picture, audio, web, live streaming, document, weather, time, mixed broadcast, HDMI IN, APK and other program elements, support interactive program editing, remote production, publish, manage and update programs at any time, and also support touch screen interaction, multi-screen display, P2P download, and program breakpoint resume.

The huge market potential has become the driving force for many manufacturers to scramble, and at the same time has contributed to the prosperity of the “100 schools of contention” in the digital signage industry. Depending on SMDT's IoT-40A digital signage motherboard solution, the software and hardware package is integrated and delivered to users, providing a one-stop service that will help partners to take advantage of cost and gain more market share in the fierce market competition. As the company will continue to maintain close contact with the market and continuous communication, continuous optimization, to provide more reliable and efficient solutions for the market and partners.



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