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SMDT Attend The 2019 FSA · Digital Signage Industry Development Summit

Feb. 28, 2019

Recently, Luo Shengcheng, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Smart Device Technology Company, was invited to attend the 2019FSA·Digital Signage Industry Development Summit. The development of the digital signage industry is changing rapidly. With development of hardware, software and cloud platforms , the integration of cloud, network and end are realized, and a new intelligent industrial chain of digitalization, intelligence and precision are created to drive the wisdom of various industries. In this context, this summit aims to explore the opportunities and challenges of the digital signage industry in the future and to promote the better integration of the digital signage industry into the construction of smart cities.

Mr. Luo delivered a keynote speech at the summit on "The Evolution of Digital Signage, From Lettering Tools to AI Human-Computer Interaction Platform."

In the speech, Mr. Luo first reviewed the development of Digital Signage. From the initial stand-alone version to the online version and then the smart version to the AI artificial intelligence version, the digital signage realized from the letter-issuing tool to the AI human-computer interaction platform.

Then Mr. Luo analyzed the opportunity of the development of AI digital signage and talked about the main driving factors of smart city construction with the rise of smart retail and the maturity of related technologies.

With the full spread of the mega-scale market cake in the smart city, it has provided huge space for the expansion of the digital signage application market. The rise of smart retail has also become east of the digital signage industry. With the intelligent display terminal of the Internet of Things, physical stores have transformed from simple vending centers into customer social centers and experience centers.

Attend The 2019 FSA · Digital Signage Industry Development Summit

With the integration of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, and device interconnection communication technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence) empowers IoT (Internet of Things) to become the best channel for the intelligent upgrade of traditional industries. “AI+IoT+ Display” has become an important direction for the development of digital signage. From the representative fields of smart retail, smart marketing, and smart security, Mr. Luo talked about how to use smart digital signage as an entry point, grasp the new data traffic portal, and use cloud computing and big data to dig deeper data values to create more High-level artificial intelligence to achieve real human-computer interaction and further enhance business value.

Later, Mr. Luo focused on the AI digital signage solution of SMART, which gave a detailed introduction to the audience from the four aspects of empowerment, ecology, value and cooperation mode.

Attend The 2019 FSA · Digital Signage Industry Development Summit

Depending on the SMART AI digital signage solution, in addition to providing rich media elements to make the advertising expression more vivid and exciting, more importantly. Based on face recognition technology, it can support the accurate push of advertising and passenger flow statistics, VIP management, etc., so that digital signage from the traditional letter-to-ship tool has truly become an AI human-computer interaction tool.

Luo said that the future digital signage will be O2O fulcrum and cloud management service system. Through the Internet access and the perception of the Internet of Things, collect and analyze user behavior, thus achieving business models such as precision marketing. This also reflects the value change of this industry, which is profiting from hardware to operating profit. Depending on the SMART AI digital signage solution, it creates a complete ecosystem from hardware to software and from cloud to end, which can support customers to quickly launch products on the market.

Depending on the company's AI digital signage solution, it is committed to achieving a win-win situation for consumers and businesses. Since its inception, it has been highly regarded and respected by the industry. In this speech, Mr. Luo introduced the cooperation mode.

Attend The 2019 FSA · Digital Signage Industry Development Summit

Based on Vision's smart display ecosystem platform, Vision can provide partners with one-stop services for hardware, software, Smartview AI SDK and smart display terminal cloud management platform. On the hardware side, depending on the demand of various scenarios, such as artificial intelligence motherboard, OPS Android computer, IoT industrial control box, etc., it provides more stable and smoother smart display terminal with its super performance and ultra-low power consumption.

In terms of software, the SMART MIPS face recognition series software supports accurate advertising based on face recognition technology. The accuracy of male and female attributes is above 99.5%, and the age error is no more than 3 years old. Statistical analysis of passenger flow, including the age, gender, mood, and length of stay of the customer group, can provide a more scientific and accurate data reference for marketing.  Supporting VIP management, it can set a unique welcome voice and text for each VIP customer, so that customers feel more enthusiastic service, and remind the clerk to receive in time as VIP customer service maintenance work.

Mr. Luo also highlighted the company's Smart view AI SDK, which is committed to providing partners with convenient and accurate face recognition technology, including face verification, face search, face detection, key point detection, attribute detection, etc. Depending on the performance of the Smart view AI SDK, the company's Smart view AI SDK can achieve a world-leading accuracy of 99.53%, which has exceeded the recognition ability of the human eye. It can realize the millisecond level in the RK3288 series and RK3399 series artificial intelligence hardware platform. Verification can support offline face recognition and comparison, process all data locally, support a proprietary face recognition acceleration framework, and facilitate users to develop upper-layer applications.

Attend The 2019 FSA · Digital Signage Industry Development Summit

Depending on SMDT's full-stack solution for face recognition, including monocular face recognition, binocular face recognition, and 3D structured light, it supports partners to achieve one-stop face recognition development and become digital signage.

Attend The 2019 FSA · Digital Signage Industry Development Summit

In addition to the hardware platform and software, AI SDK, SMDT MIPS smart display device cloud management platform can provide mature, stable, secure and professional IoT cloud services for enterprise partners, helping to shorten the development cycle of enterprise products and reduce costs.

Attend The 2019 FSA · Digital Signage Industry Development Summit

We believes that digital signage has become an important development direction for the industry in the future. In the past two years, we have been proactively investing in top talents, AI technology, optimization solutions, and rich products. We firmly believe that we can rely on professional capabilities. Serving the users with playing the core role, the value of the AI intelligent upgrade in the digital signage industry realize the mission of SMDT: "Let the smart display devices be everywhere; let the machines serve the humans better; and let the wisdom of all things interconnected".





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