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Digital Menu Board

Mar. 06, 2019

A new generation of catering industry electronic ordering technology, also known as the Digital Menu Board. It is a catering industry service management system that integrates a tablet-based electronic menu (iPad or Android tablet) and back-end service management software.

It brings the top customer experience---the ordering method is novel, the operation is easy to use, the appearance is fashionable, the grade of the hotel is improved, the work error is reduced, and customer satisfaction is improved.


The overall cost is much lower than the traditional menu. Traditional menus are costly and require constant refurbishment, modification, and replacement. Looking at the three-year life cycle of the Digital menu, the overall cost is much lower than the traditional paper menu.

1. The information storage capacity is large, the menu can be updated in real time, and the after-sales prompt function can be realized. The electronic menu uses a large-capacity tablet to store a large amount of text, pictures, voice, video and other information. In addition to the menu, you can add the hotel background, leadership introduction, chef qualifications, excellent staff recognition information, etc., and it is the most comprehensive display platform of hotel culture. The real-time after-sales prompt function of the digital menu can avoid the situation of returning the order caused by the sale of the food, and can also recommend similar taste dishes for the customers to ensure the hotel sales performance. Recommended dishes, discount dishes, set menu system, more consumption patterns, greatly improve the efficiency of guests ordering.

2.The digital menu board adopts the GPRS transmission mode, and the mobile phone signal can be transmitted in the place where the mobile phone signal is transmitted. The information is more stable than the wireless network, and there is no packet loss. At the same time, there is no need to construct a wireless network in the hotel, and a lot of equipment investment can be avoided. 


3. The digital menu board is updated in real time and the replacement is quick and easy. No need to lay the network line, it will not affect the normal business for saving time with enhancing the hotel image and increase sales opportunities. It can save time in order and increase turnover rate with new dishes and set menus to recommending consumption patterns, guide customers to consume, and seize the initiative. The sale of food is promptly displayed, and customer satisfaction is improved. The information submission is convenient and simple, and the information connection between the private room, the kitchen and the cashier is more direct. Customers have a new way of consumption to boost consumption levels and stimulate consumer desires. The information is at a glance and the order is simpler. You can also have a little entertainment before you wait for the dishes to pass the time.

4. The flow of the digital menu: When the customer enters the restaurant to eat, welcome guests to take a seat. The service staff handed in an electronic recipe. Making real food pictures, prices and practices on the touch-sensitive high-precision LCD screen of the electronic recipes, so that consumers can choose the dishes that suit them. (Let the customer realize the real situation of the dish) When the customer chooses, the service staff will receive the order recipe and the customer to check the order and the amount of consumption, so that the customer can feel the consumption clearly. 


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