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The Benefits Of Using Digital Signage At Airports

Nov. 29, 2018

With the development of digital technology, the airport has also begun to use digital signs to improve their services. The benefits of using digital signage at airports are as follows:

1. By broadcasting airport messages, sporting events, videos or weather forecasts, you can alleviate the anxiety of passengers waiting for boarding or aircraft delays.

2. When we are near the airport, we are often troubled by getting lost, but digital signage provides passengers with clear and easy navigation. This not only helps passengers arrive at their destinations in time but also relieves the pressure of the airport's staff.

3. Moreover, digital signage can be used as an emergency alert system to promptly announce the emergence of the entire airport. Through a centrally controlled system, critical information can be immediately pushed to all digital screens so that information can be transmitted to all passengers without delay.

4. The airport also offers a brand advertising opportunity that other venues cannot offer. Due to the large passenger flow and long stay time, most passengers are more likely to purchase goods. So it’s easy to increase passage traffic at airport duty-free shops, restaurants and bars by showing promotions at the airport entrances or boarding gates.

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