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​The Benefits Of Embedded Motherboard

Oct. 30, 2018

Let's take a look at the benefits of embedded motherboards.

1. High reliability and high stability: In the field of industrial control, stable and reliable performance is the most basic requirement of automatic control. ARM embedded motherboard has very special advantages. First, the ARM embedded motherboard is a single-chip system that requires only a few peripheral circuits to make the function go smoothly. Second, a stable system, in addition to stable hardware, also requires stable software, embedded operating system, as a single-function operating system, there are bound to be fewer problems.

2. Powerful expansion functions and network transmission functions: As more industries begin to use embedded motherboards, the market's requirements for motherboard functions are becoming more and more different. The emergence of embedded motherboard ARM just meets this personalized demand. In terms of scalability, the extended function of the 8-bit MCU is very limited, which also limits its widespread use. On the embedded motherboard of the ARM architecture, it can generally be extended by the bus, which greatly facilitates the customer. In terms of network transmission, most customers require embedded motherboards with high-speed network functions to quickly transfer data for remote intelligent control and transmission, so arm embedded motherboards can meet the needs of most customers.

3. The computing speed is fast, the development cycle is short: the high-end embedded motherboard based on ARM architecture has greatly improved its computing speed in emerging applications, and can meet the requirements of most industrial control and intelligent terminal equipment. Moreover, the hardware development cycle of embedded motherboards based on ARM architecture is generally within 3 months, which greatly reduces the cost of R&D and speeds up the development of customer products.

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