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7 Maintenance Methods For Indoor All In One Touch Pc Machines

Apr. 23, 2019

With the integration of indoor touch all-in-ones, the protection of the All In One Touch PC machine becomes more and more important. A good protection method can extend the life of the touch-one machine. How to maintain the All In One Touch PC machine?


1. When the All In One Touch PC is turned on and off, the screen displays the disturbing noise.

Generally speaking, the representation is formed by the signal interference of the display card. Due to the normal appearance, the user can solve the problem by actively or manually adjusting the phase.


2. Touch the screen of the thumb on the screen of the thumb

Most of this appearance is formed by external force kneading. Under the pressure of external force, the polarizing plate in the liquid crystal panel will be deformed. The polarizing plate is like aluminum foil. It will not bounce off when it is recessed. This forms a difference in the reflection of the liquid crystal panel, which will be dim. This is very simple to find under the white screen, usually, the size is more than ten square millimeters, which is the thumb size. Although this representation does not affect the life of the LCD screen, users should pay more attention to it. Do not press the LCD screen with your finger.


3. There is no sound in the All In One Touch PC machine

After presenting this question, the user can open the back cover of the advertising machine first, check whether the effect on the driver board is powered by a multimeter, and then check if the connection of the speaker cable is normal. If the speaker hum is very large, it indicates that the touchpad driver board is now damaged and should be replaced immediately.


4. There is no response after the All In One Touch PC is plugged in.

The lack of response after the All In One Touch PC unit is plugged in is a question often presented in practice. In this regard, the user can try to remove the touch integrated machine, open the back cover of the touch integrated machine, check whether the dedicated power supply is energized, whether the material is dropped or loose.

Specific method: If the indicator is used, the indicator light is not bright. If it is normal, it indicates that the power supply is powered. In addition to the power supply problem, the user should check the power on the decoder board, touch the driver board, high voltage bar, speaker, and LCD screen. Where the power is not turned on, it indicates that the accessories of the touch one machine are in doubt.


5. The All In One Touch PC machine screen presents a shining appearance

In normal use, the touch on the screen of the all-in-one screen is a question that users often encounter. In this regard, the user must first perform a sweep check on the external elements such as the magnetic field and the power supply voltage around the device. If it is still not working properly, it is necessary to thoroughly check the display card driver of the display to remove the program device. After the above operation is invalid, the user can also test the progressive refresh rate of 75HZ, and check whether it is feasible. If the above operations cannot reach the satisfaction, you need the help of the professional, the user needs to send the equipment to the repair station for inspection.


6. The screen is black and appears "signal out of sync size" or "OUT OF RANG"

This appearance is a question that users often see in practice. Usually, the signal announced by the computer exceeds the scale of the display, and the display detects that the abnormal signal stops working. In this regard, the user can test the restart of the renderer and reset the output frequency of the computer.



7. The All In One Touch PC machine screen does not appear, the front panel light shines

 After this question is presented, the user should check whether the signal line of the display device and the computer is connected, and check whether the connector of the signal line is broken or broken.



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