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MIPS Content Management Software

Using B/S architecture and distributed area management technology, this software can effectively integrate various multimedia resources to realize remoting productions, distributions, managements and updating programs at any time. MIPS Multimedia Information Publish Software runs stably and reliably. Its information is released safely and quickly. Its terminal management is easy and convenient. In this case, the difficulty and cost of system maintenance and upgrade are greatly reduced.

MIPS Multimedia information publish software,commercial display motherboard(media player box or all in one touch tablet),PC(server)

Free software account for you to use by entering on the following url .Please contact us to get the free account and password.


MIPS Content Management Software

Features of MIPS Multimedia Information Publish System:

MIPS Content Management Software

MIPS management software 8 features

MIPS Content Management Software


Publication: advertisements, event displays, public announcements, propaganda and guidances, public welfare films, emergency events, and news broadcasts.

Places for using smart digital signage: government agencies, enterprises, banks, hospitals, hotels, airports, chain stores, education establishments, smart buildings, and advertising boards.

MIPS Content Management Software

MIPS Content Management Software

User Manual for Installation and Client of MIPS V3.0.0.docx

Background User Manual for MIPS V3.0.0.docx

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