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The Smart Technology Applied In Biometric Visas

Jan. 07, 2019

From January 1st, the Chinese Embassy in Canada will issue biometric visas to all Chinese visa applicants, including Canadian citizens, to improve the convenience. As an international development trend, biometric visas have been rapidly spreading around the world in recent years.

Biometric identification is an important entry point for identity authentication. The practical application scenarios have been expanded indefinitely in recent years. With the increasing reliability of its authentication, it has been fully used in more and more important scenarios.

1.Face recognition

Face recognition is based on human facial feature information for identification. In the security field, using cameras or cameras to capture images or video streams containing faces, and using face recognition to control people's flow identification, etc., are in constant process.

2. Palmprint recognition

The shape of the palm print is controlled by genetics. Even if the epidermis is peeled off for some reason, the new palm line remains the original structure and is highly unique.

Identification Scenarios

3. Iris recognition

According to statistics, iris measurement technology can read 266 feature points, while other biometric techniques can only read 13-60 feature points. Relatively speaking, its high precision allows it to continue to work in demanding identification scenarios.

4. Speech recognition

The generation of human language is a complex physiological and physical process between the human language center and the vocal organs, so the voiceprints of any two people are different.

5. Vein recognition

The vein recognition system is a technique for obtaining a personal vein distribution map by an external device, and extracting feature values from the vein distribution map according to a dedicated comparison algorithm and performing contrast recognition, and the recognition accuracy is very high.

 Shenzhen Smart Device Technology, Identification Scenarios

In many Identification Scenarios, these technologies are effective in different scenarios with their unique performance characteristics. Giving basic performance and framework support at the hardware level is the mission that Smart Device Technology has been upholding in the R&D and production phases.

In the Smart Device Technology embedded Motherboard Solution architecture product, face recognition technology can be introduced to meet the face recognition needs emerging from all walks of life. In addition, on the biometric identification devices such as fingerprints and irises, Shenzhen Smart Device Technology maintains its smooth operation by providing industrial-grade performance, stable and efficient product solutions.


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