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Why Is MIPS One Of The Most Popular Information Release System?

Jun. 26, 2019

The business people in the industry will not be unfamiliar with the multimedia information distribution system. Based on the multimedia information distribution system, the intelligent business display device can become the “fifth media” and play an important part in the offline media. Moreover, with the continuous development and advancement of multimedia information distribution systems, it has become a new generation of highly integrated, powerful and intelligent information systems, not only limited to text and numerical values but also can use images, dynamic videos, sounds, etc. The information of various media has more powerful information performance, better human-computer interaction, and greater use of information.

The multimedia information distribution system is very rich, and many versions have been developed according to different functions. When it comes to the most popular multimedia information distribution system on the market, the MIPS Information Release System cannot be without a name. As the most embarrassing player in the industry, what is the advantage of the MIPS information distribution system?

MIPS Information Release System

01 Massive equipment centralized management capabilities

The MIPS information release system is based on the BS architecture and can support 10000+ digital signage terminal access systems for unified remote operation management.

02 Information release is fast and secure

There are many insecure factors in the transmission process of the information. The MIPS information release system adopts the RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm to ensure that the user's information is released safely and efficiently. The MIPS information release system supports P2P downloading, realizes data sharing between terminals and terminals, and improves the download speed of the program while reducing the release pressure of the server and the resource requirements of the bandwidth, thereby helping the user to save costs. And it also supports program breakpoint retransmission. After the network is offline, the offline message can be continuously sent and the program transmission status can be recorded. After the network is reconnected, the terminal can still receive the offline command sent before and continue to receive the remaining unfinished programs.

03 The program elements are extremely rich

The MIPS information distribution system is eye-catching in terms of program elements and supports a variety of program elements including video, picture, audio, web page, document, weather, time, mix, live stream, HDMI IN, APK, etc. Rich, more complex programs and human-computer interaction to meet the needs of users.

MIPS Information Release System

04 Human interaction is super powerful

The MIPS information publishing system leads the industry in interactive elements. From the text, images, videos, documents to buttons, even weather and time, all basic elements can support interactive interaction! Supports include scene jumps, third-party websites, dynamic scenes in the scene, and third-party APKs. Based on these functions, digital signage can no longer be limited to program playback but becomes a human-computer interaction platform. Powerful interactions such as game interactions, inquiries, online purchases, navigation, and more.

05 Support real-time monitoring of multiple live streams

Support streaming media encoder to convert video into streaming signal and broadcast it in multicast form. The typical application of this function is Ming kitchen bright stove, support real-time monitoring of multi-channel live stream, and display the real-time operation screen of kitchen chef on digital signage. And the delay performance is the ultimate, controlled within 3-5 seconds.



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