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How To Win The Battle For The Wisdom Of The Commercial Motherboard Market?
How To Win The Battle For The Wisdom Of The Commercial Motherboard M...
Jul. 19 , 2019
As a motherboard manufacturer, what should we do to avoid falling into the price war? What kind of strategy is there in product development? Let's take a look at SMDT's hot-selling Smart Display Board Iot-3288A as an example. Let's have a look. View All
MIPS AI SDK For Face Recognition
MIPS AI SDK For Face Recognition
Jun. 29 , 2019
In the process of promoting the Face Recognition Technology, it seems that SMDT found that the market demand for face recognition is the strongest in the field of commercial display and security, and there are relatively large differences in the requirements of face recognition technology in these two fields. According to SMDT, the MIPS AI SDK has been optimized and upgraded to better meet the needs of the industry, more professional and more powerful! View All
Why Is MIPS One Of The Most Popular Information Release System?
Why Is MIPS One Of The Most Popular Information Release System?
Jun. 26 , 2019
When it comes to the most popular multimedia information distribution system on the market, the MIPS Information Release System cannot be without a name. As the most embarrassing player in the industry, what is the advantage of the MIPS information distribution system? View All
Bright Kitchen Solution
Bright Kitchen Solution
Jun. 21 , 2019
Depending on SMDT's“Bright Kitchen Solution”solution, we have built a system that combines supervision and management and marketing promotion with advanced science and technology and humanized design concepts. View All
Smart Device Business
Smart Device Business
Jun. 11 , 2019
The AIOT-40X is an industrial-grade wide-temperature motherboard that supports -20°C to 70°C, supports low-temperature startup and normal work, and works in a high-temperature working environment to better adapt to the parking environment and have a longer service life.  View All
Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival
Jun. 05 , 2019
The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival for us to celebrate the traditional ritual.Our company will be time off from June 7 to June 9 to celebrate it. We sincerely hope that this doesn’t inconvenience you in any way. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Here are our contacts:Email1: fli@smdt.com.cn. View All
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