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How To Win The Battle For The Wisdom Of The Commercial Motherboard Market?

Jul. 19, 2019

In order to meet the application requirements, the smart display motherboards are more and more abundant, and the performance has evolved from dual-core to more powerful quad-core and six-core, and the peripherals that can be driven by functions are more and more abundant. With the rise of the market and the motherboard manufacturers spurt growth, the price war has emerged.

As a motherboard manufacturer, what should we do to avoid falling into the price war? What kind of strategy is there in product development?

Let's take a look at SMDT's hot-selling Smart Display Board Iot-3288A as an example. Let's have a look.

Hard power

1. The high-performance low power core processor

RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A17 processor, up to 1.8GHz, integrated quad-core Mali-T764 GPU, super performance, support LVDS / HDMI / EDP output, fully compatible with the mainstream display, can directly drive mainstream 5 ~ 100 The inch display supports up to 4K (3840*2160) dot screen and supports HDMI IN HD picture-in-picture.

2. High compatibility and scalability

The compatibility and scalability of the motherboard are also very important. Depending on the motherboard, it has a very rich interface, powerful interface performance, and expansion capabilities. It can support mainstream USB/serial devices, printers, card readers, password keyboards, and fingerprints, instrument, camera, ID card identification, QR code scanner, etc.. Besides it can provide a demon test program to meet the needs of different functions of terminal equipment.

3. The safest durable upgrade

Depending on SMDT's smart display, the motherboard adopts the sinking process pin, corrosion-resistant, 4 studs fixed, firm and reliable, passed a number of pressure tests, and 72-hours aging test, stable and reliable, to ensure stable operation of the equipment 7X24 hours.

Smart Display Board Iot-3288A

Soft power

1. A more stable system

The stability of the system is also the focus of customers when purchasing the motherboard. In this regard, the advantages of SMDT are more obvious with over 10 years of Android+ARM R&D experience, complete R&D team, system and hardware, and application software. The cooperation between the two can be seamlessly connected and the performance is very outstanding. The 500W+ shipments cover a wide range of applications including signage, retail, campus, security, transportation, government, etc. The stability of the system has been widely recognized by the market for many years.

MIPS Signaling Software

2. More in-depth customization

Supporting Android system customization, SMDT can provide system call interface API reference code, face recognition API interface, perfect support for customer with upper application APP development.

3. More powerful technical support

As a leading intelligent enterprise motherboard company in the domestic industry, it regards SMDT's outstanding advantages in technical support. It has a dedicated technical support team, which can help customers solve problems free of charge in the first time, effectively guarantee the quality and efficiency of after-sales service, and lift customers' Worried about it.

4. Free software

According to MITA's self-developed MIPS Signaling Software, it supports 10000+ terminal access system for unified operation management. Customers can download and register to access the device for free use.

Depending on the motherboard, we have built a number of product lines based on Quanzhi Platform, Rockchip Micro Platform and Qualcomm Platform, covering a wide range of application needs. And according to the special needs of users in different industries, depending on product development, SMDT considers how to maximize the customer's actual needs. From the customer's point of view, SMDT help partners build the core competitiveness with both hard power and soft power to shorten the development cycle and lead the development trend of smarter motherboard industry.


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